Author Guidelines

  1. To meet journal writing standards, submitted manuscripts shall at least contain: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Result & Discussion, Conclusion, and Reference.
  2. The title clearly describes the research substance with a maximum of 20 words.
  3. Abstract are written using English, consisting of a maximum of 250 words for each language with a maximum of 10 keywords.
  4. The manuscript is written in English, which consists of 4000 up to a maximum of 7000 words.
  5. The manuscripts are arranged in A4 size paper format, with 2 (two) columns, as well as 0.7 inch margin format on the right/left, top, and bottom.
  6. The article uses a TNR font of 10 point size and 1 paragraph spacing.
  7. Introduction: This section includes background and gap analysis which reinforces the argument why the research was conducted. Please include primary references from similar publications from the last 10 years of publication to show the novelty of your text. Do not include a theory or literature review in this section.
  8. Methods: In this section, you are asked to describe in detail the methods and steps carried out in your research, including how data is validated, processed, and presented. You are also asked to include the research tools used. That way, the Methods section will open up opportunities for adaptation and duplication of similar studies in the future.
  9. Results and Discussions: In this section, you are asked to present your research results in a straightforward manner in accordance with the research objectives. The discussion section will discuss the findings and be related to the scientific context according to the research topic. Make sure that every table and figure that is included is also referred to in the body of the article.
  10. Conclusions: In the section, do not repeat what has been said in the results section. This section will answer the research objectives, so use straightforward and informative grammar. Please do not use a numbering system or bullets in describing conclusions.
  11. References are cited in the text by square brackets [1]. Two or more references at a time may be put in one set of brackets [3,4]. The references uses the Harvard - APA Style and are to be numbered in the order in which they are cited in the text and are to be listed at the end of the contribution under a heading References, and is required to use standard citation applications (Zotero, Mendeley, Endnote, etc.).
  12. Include the DOI for all works that have one. It goes at the end of your reference--no period at the end. Write the DOI as a hyperlink starting with If your article includes both a DOI and a URL, include only the DOI. If your article has no DOI whatsoever, which may happen with older articles, simply omit this from the citation.

For further application guidelines, please follows the article template.