Comparison of Kernel Function on Support Vector Machine in Classification of Childbirth

  • Putroue Keumala Intan UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya
Keywords: SVM, childbirth, kernel functions


The maternal mortality rate during childbirth can be reduced through the efforts of the medical team in determining the childbirth process that must be undertaken immediately. Machine learning in terms of classifying childbirth can be a solution for the medical team in determining the childbirth process. One of the classification methods that can be used is the Support Vector Machine (SVM) method which is able to determine a hyperplane that will form a good decision boundary so that it is able to classify data appropriately. In SVM, there is a kernel function that is useful for solving non-linear classification cases by transforming data to a higher dimension. In this study, four kernel functions will be used; Linear, Radial Basis Function (RBF), Polynomial, and Sigmoid in the classification process of childbirth in order to determine the kernel function that is capable of producing the highest accuracy value. Based on research that has been done, it is obtained that the accuracy value generated by SVM with linear kernel functions is higher than the other kernel functions.


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