The Implementation of Rough Set on A Group Structure


  • Ananto Adi Nugraha Universitas Lampung
  • Fitriani Universitas Lampung
  • Muslim Ansori Universitas Lampung
  • Ahmad Faisol Universitas Lampung



lower approximation, upper approximation, rough set, rough group, centralizer


Let  be a non-empty set and  an equivalence relation on . Then,  is called an approximation space. The equivalence relation on  forms disjoint equivalence classes. If , then we can form a lower approximation and an upper approximation of . If X⊆U, then we can form a lower approximation and an upper approximation of X. In this research, rough group and rough subgroups are constructed in the approximation space  for commutative and non-commutative binary operations.


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Author Biography

Ananto Adi Nugraha, Universitas Lampung


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Nugraha, A. A., Fitriani, F., Ansori, M., & Faisol, A. (2022). The Implementation of Rough Set on A Group Structure. Jurnal Matematika MANTIK, 8(1), 45–52.