The Effect of Nutrition Types for Growth Pakcoy (Brassica rapa l.) with Hydroponic Wick System


  • Aqiilah Kalyca Tamalia UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya
  • Saiful Bahri


Hydroponics, Brassica rapa, Pakcoy


In the current era, the land for farming is getting narrower, while vegetables and fruits are needed for everyday life.  Under these conditions, innovative farming techniques without soil or also known as hydroponics are very suitable for use.  One of the simplest hydroponic systems is the wick system.  The purpose of this mini research is to find out the best types of nutrients used for the growth of pakcoy plants using the wick system hydroponic method.  And this mini research uses three nutritional comparisons to get the best quality results.  From the results obtained, it can be seen that treatment C (POC) showed the highest average pakcoy plant height, while treatment B (AB Mix) showed the lowest average pakcoy plant height.  From the results obtained, it was seen that treatment A (Grow more) showed the highest average number of pakcoy leaves, while treatment B (AB Mix) showed the lowest average number of pakcoy leaves.