Penggabungan Geometri Fraktal dengan Batik Sendang


  • Wanda Nurrahma Putri Sunaryo UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya
  • Aris Fanani UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya


Fractal Geometry; Batic; Image


Batik is a characteristic of art that owned by every region, one of them is Sendang Batik originating from Lamongan Regency. Sendang batik has a characteristic of the catfish and milkfish motif, because the both animals are the symbol of Lamongan Regency. Sendang batik motif is currently still using old motifs from Sunan Sendang. Furthermore, batik can be developed by making the latest motif using one branch of mathematics, namely fractals. Fractals are objects that appear to have symmetrical similarities when viewed from a certain scale and are the smallest part of the overall structure of the object. The purpose of this study was to determine the process of merging of Sendang Batik with Fractals and to find out the results obtained from the merging process. The processing technique in making fractal batik requires geometric transformation used to operate its layout, processed using computer software. The first steps to forming fractals are to form fractals using geometric transformations that are processed using computer software and become a choice of motifs, the second is to process the sendang batik by selecting the catfish milkfish motif and adjusting the layout according to the needs of Isen, the third two motifs that have been made are combined by adding two images. The results of this study include motifs of the Sierpinski Triangle Batik with Catfish Milkfish Motifs, Koch Snowflake Batik motifs with Catfish Milkfish Motifs


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