Sebarang Pembangun Subgrup Siklik Dari Suatu Grup (Zn,+)

  • Indra Bayu Muktyas STKIP Surya Tangerang
  • Samsul Arifin STKIP Surya
Keywords: group , cyclic subgroup, generator, Python


(Zn,+) is a group of the integer modulo n with an addition operation. A cyclic subgroup is a subgroup that is generated by one element  of a group. In group (Zn,+), any cyclic subgroup can be determined through a generator which is a factor of n. The aim of this  article is to get all generator of the cyclic subgroup of a group (Zn,+) using Python. The result of our study shows that by using Python, for any cyclic subgroup of (Zn,+) , we can get all their generator.


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