Menakar Penerapan Knowledge Management di Indonesia: Sebuah Studi Literatur

  • Sutoto Sutoto Fakultas Ilmu Kumputer, Universitas Indonesia
Keywords: knowledge management, knowledge sharing, Indonesia, Literature Review, ASEAN


The purpose of this study is to determine the extent to which knowledge management has been adopted by organizations in Indonesia. For this purpose, a study was conducted through a systematic literature review to summarize the use of knowledge management in Indonesia in the last ten years. From the literature found that the level of implementation of knowledge management in Indonesia is still low, although it has experienced a significant increase since 2015. The author also found that attention on knowledge management are still dominated by academics and researchers from government body. Comparisons were made with documents index in Scopus published by authors from Indonesia and other ASEAN countries. The results show that the number of publications by Indonesian researchers is less than half of the publications made by Malaysian researchers. Of the five countries sampled, Indonesia ranks second in number of publications, but ranks 4th when measured by publication productivity  per million population.


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